Nancy Palmeri is an artist and an educator.

Prints layer information, embodying traces of past thought and acts; they are metaphors for the way in which memory traces impose themselves on all preceptions and thought.  Richard S. Field

Defining the DNA of my work, I would say that it is first, acutely personal, and second, honest. Throughout my career as an artist, my pictorial vision has been directly linked to the overwhelmingly visceral and very fertile experiences/influences of my childhood. I see my work as paradoxical; I am intensely absorbed in the conceptual landscape of contemporary art while at the same time I feel strongly about my engagment with traditional materials and techniques. Once at an exhibition of my work, a colleague told me that he was compelled by it because it revealed the presence of the hand. I was thrilled by this reaction.

It meant that my intent, to accessibly communicate my ideas and find a point of connection with my viewer, formally or conceptually, was successful. My work grapples with the influence that familial, and religious archetypes have had on the constructs of my identity as an artist. My visual landscape, albeit colorful, often has an undertone of humor, fragility and defiance.
Nancy Palmeri